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Your Data Resource

PRPA provides data and information that supports operational analysis and planning such as the University Factbook, environmental scans, and data for Academic Program Profiles. Visit our Data Center.

Supporting Campus Planning

PRPA supports universitywide planning efforts including Educating Illinois and the Master Plan. Learn about our role in the planning process.

Data-Driven Studies

PRPA undertakes policy analysis and special studies including the Summer Session Study and Price Sensitivity Analysis. Download our Analytic Studies and Research Briefs.

Promoting Best Practices

PRPA provides best practices related to strategic planning and institutional research. Contact our staff to get started.

Ongoing Projects

IT Strategic Plan

PRPA is assisting the Data Stewardship Council with the development of the University’s next IT Strategic Plan.  In alignment with Educating Illinois, the plan will set the strategic framework that will position the University to meet the information technology needs in the near future.

Educating Illinois Progress Report

PRPA works with members of the Educating Illinois Coordinating Team to develop the annual Educating Illinois Progress Report that is provided to the Illinois State University Board of Trustees each July. The Progress Report provides highlights of accomplishments within each goal and strategy in the University’s strategic plan.

Educating Illinois Indicators of Success

PRPA is responsible for collecting and reporting on the Indicators of Success, which are metrics that measure the progress towards achieving the goals and strategies in the University’s strategic plan, Educating Illinois. The Indicators of Success are also included as an Appendix in the Educating Illinois Progress Report.

Recent Updates

The Student Retention Study is now available.  The link can be found in the Recent Analytic Studies section under Analytic Studies.

Planning, Research, and Policy Analysis is pleased to present the addition of the Credit Hour Production Reports. Please check out the Faculty Staff tab in the Data Center for more detail.


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